I'm fascinated by big data in science and on the web. These huge new datasets present some of today's most exciting challenges, and open source software has given me the tools to help tackle them. I believe that open standards and free software can not only measure new particles or reveal social networks — I believe we can use them to save the world, and I want to help.


Systems programmer (2010–)

University of Wisconsin CMS Tier 2 Center

  • Led operations of the University's NSF- and DOE-supported LHC physics analysis center.
  • Grew Linux cluster from 200 to 2300 cores for analysis and from 100 terabytes to 1.2 petabytes for distributed data storage.
  • Migrated storage cluster to the Hadoop distributed file system with minimal downtime.
  • Built a Mercurial hosting service and made it the core of code, configuration management and documentation workflows.

Associate systems programmer (2006–2010)

University of Wisconsin CMS Tier 2 Center

  • Developed custom software in Python to monitor cluster performance.
  • Optimized performance of critical PostgreSQL database servers.
  • Analyzed security breaches and developed proactive measures to increase site and user security.

Student systems administrator (2005–2006)

University of Wisconsin High Energy Physics

  • Developed a custom request tracking system in Python based on Roundup.
  • Deployed a 10 Gb/s fiber-optic network.
  • Developed and configured custom Nagios and Ganglia probes to monitor grid and infrastructure services.

Student systems administrator (2005–2006)

University of Wisconsin College of Engineering

  • Installed and maintained a large, OpenAFS-based software repository including open source and commercial software.
  • Maintained and improved the Center's request tracker, written in Perl.
  • Supported college-wide mail, webmail, DNS and Apache virtual hosts in addition to large Linux and Solaris desktop labs.

Student software trainer (2005–2006)

University of Wisconsin Division of Information Technology

  • Wrote new curriculum to teach Unix fundamentals to university students.

Student network administrator (2004–2005)

Central Properties, Madison, WI

  • Installed custom security monitoring tools for a large residential network.


University of Wisconsin (2002–2006)

University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee (2001–2002)

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